Kadodo African Drum and Dance

The Junior and Lower Middle School children were lucky to see and be part of a performance by a group called Kadodo.  The three members of the group performed drumming routines and taught a group of children a drumming routine to perform to us.  A number of other children (and all the teachers) were also able to go up and have a chance to perform.

We all loved the drumming, chanting and dancing.

 Ruby A is 3rd from the right and Charley is next to the drummer.

 The children all had fun clapping to the rhythms of the drums.

 Luca has a turn at drumming for us.

 Phoebe also had a turn at performing.

Erika and Ben are waiting for their turn to perform on the drums for us.


We are excited in Room 8 to be using some new apps on one of our iPads.  There are a series of new apps installed under the name OSMO and allow the children to work interactively on a variety of activities including words, numbers, tangram shapes and drawing.

The children are still learning how to use the apps so if you have time, come in and ask them to show you how they work.

Easter Fun

The Room 8 children has lots of fun working on Easter activities before the Easter break.

They really enjoyed decorating their Easter Eggs.

Well done Room 8

The wonderful behaviour of our Room 8 children has been noticed!!

Last week they won Syndicate Sam for their amazing behaviour and attention during our LMS Whanau Hui.  This week, they were also recognised by Mrs Taylor and given an extra 10 minutes free play because of their outstanding behaviour during Whole School Assembly.

Well done Room 8.  You really shine!!

Weaving with wool - making God's Eyes

Thank you to Anke, Joan and Youn for helping in Room 8 today with making our God's Eyes.

The children all enjoyed choosing their wool and weaving their piece of art.  They look fantastic on display on the wall in our classroom.

Smudge came to visit

Thank you Ruby and Michelle for bringing Smudge in to visit Room 8 yesterday.  The children loved seeing, patting and learning about Smudge.

These are some of the things they learnt about Smudge:

She is over a year old.
She is a twin and her sisters name in Malteser.
She is a Jersey Woolley and her white fur falls out a lot.
Smudge loves snuggling with Ruby.
She is toilet trained.
She likes eating carrots, pellets from the Pet Shops, grass and cabbage.
She is a wonderful pet to have.

Constable Debbie visited Room 8

As part of our Kia Kaha (Be Strong) unit we are working on, Constable Debbie came in and talked about Bullying and the power bullies think they have over others. 

She talked to the children about how to recognise bullying behaviour and what to do about it.