Smudge came to visit

Thank you Ruby and Michelle for bringing Smudge in to visit Room 8 yesterday.  The children loved seeing, patting and learning about Smudge.

These are some of the things they learnt about Smudge:

She is over a year old.
She is a twin and her sisters name in Malteser.
She is a Jersey Woolley and her white fur falls out a lot.
Smudge loves snuggling with Ruby.
She is toilet trained.
She likes eating carrots, pellets from the Pet Shops, grass and cabbage.
She is a wonderful pet to have.

Constable Debbie visited Room 8

As part of our Kia Kaha (Be Strong) unit we are working on, Constable Debbie came in and talked about Bullying and the power bullies think they have over others. 

She talked to the children about how to recognise bullying behaviour and what to do about it.

The Bug Lady

Yesterday, Room 8 was lucky to have a visit from Robinne, The  Bug Lady.  She talked to us about what an insect is, the parts of its body and brought in a few insects for us to look at, talk about and hold.  She also talked about how they adapt to the environment they live in.

She told us that if we catch insects, they should be released back into nature quickly as they do not like being kept in a cage or jar.  She releases all her insects at the end of the day and catches new insects the next day to share with children.

The children really enjoyed her visit and were fascinated by the slaters, crickets, grasshoppers, head lice and beetles.  The head lice were dead and the children were able to look at them through a magnifying glass!

School garden

Some of our Room 8 children have been helping to collect seeds for planting in our school garden.

We have taken all the seeds from a sunflower head so that we can plant them in one of our garden beds.  We can't wait to see a whole garden full of beautiful yellow sunflowers next summer.

We were amazed at how many seeds we got from just one sunflower head.

Dress ups on Friday afternoons

On Friday afternoons, the Room 8 children have the opportunity to finish off any uncompleted work then choose their own activity from around the room.

One of the most popular activities is the dress up clothes.
Last Friday, we had Super Woman, Spider Girl, a boxer, The Fairy Godmother,, a scientist, Mr Wokky Chang Chang and a traveller in our room.

The Room 8 children have wonderful imaginations.  Thanks for the donations of used and dress up clothes.  The children love them!

Weetbix Tryathlon

A big congratulations to Mac and Izack who both competed in the Weetbix Tryathon on Sunday.  They both enjoyed telling the Room 8 children about the race and showing the medal they received at the finish line.  Well done boys.

Whiskers the mouse visits Room 8

Thank you Brooklyn for bringing your pet mouse - Whiskers, into Room 8 today for a visit.  He was very well behaved in his cage at the back of the room but we think he was a little tired as he slept in his house for most of the day.

The children really enjoyed watching him running around on his wheel and getting to pat him when Brooklyn carried him around the circle.  He is very cute!