Tough Kids Challenge

The LMS children had a wonderful day on Thursday at the annual Tough Kids Challenge.  Every Room 8 child gave their best effort and I am so proud of them all.  It was a wonderful day followed by a lovely picnic and play at Elephant Park.

I didn't manage to get photos of most of the Room 8 children as many raced on well ahead of me.  They were able to go at their own pace.

Science experiment with M & M's

We were using a variety of different coloured M&M's for a Maths, graphing activity and decided to use them next for a Science experiment.

The different coloured M&M's were placed around the outside of a plate and filled with cold water.  We were amazed at the result and really enjoyed watching the rainbow of colours appear from the outside of the plate and meet in the middle.  We talked about how the sugar coating on the lollies was dissolving into the water.

Try this at home.  Its so much fun!

Calendar Art

We have been busy making our Calendar Art for the PTA Calendar fundraiser.  Each childs' individual picture is on display in the classroom so be sure to come and have a look.

Each child chose their pose for under their blossom tree.  They look amazing!!!!

Visit to Belfast Kindy

On Thursday, Room 8 visited the Belfast Kindergarten to share our rakau sticks and Go Noodle routines.

The Kindy children were really pleased to see us, particularly as some of the Kindy children have brothers, sisters and cousins in Room 8.   Many of the Room 8 children were pleased to be visiting the Kindy that they attended as 3 and 4 years olds.

Buddy Class Team Building

This week, Miss Farrell and Mr Queree, our students teachers in Rooms 8 and 21 ran a cooperative, team building session together (as we are Buddy classes).

Each group of 4 children had plastic cups, a rubber band and 4 pieces of string attached.  Their goal was to build a pyramid but the only thing they were able to touch was the string.
A competition was held to find the fastest team build a pyramid using 3 cups, 6 cups then 12 cups.  The team work was wonderful to see as each group member had to work together to build their pyramid.  Thanks Miss Farrell and Mr Queree - it was so much fun.

LMS Poetry and Speech Competition

Congratulations to all the Room 8 children who presented their Poems and Speeches in our class competition last week.  The standard was very high and it was wonderful seeing all the children standing up in front of their peers and confidently presenting their poems and speeches.

Our finalists who went through to the LMS Competition on Wednesday were:

Poems - Devi, Phoebe and Tyson
Speech - Ben

We are thrilled to announce that these four children confidently represented Room 8 and we were fortunate to have three of our students place in the top three.

LMS Speech
1st Ben

LMS Poetry
1st Tyson
3rd Devi

Well done!