Room 8 Construction and Inventions

This afternoon, Rooms 8 and 9 worked together cooperatively to design and create inventions using construction materials.  This activity was a fun, creative and interesting way to end our current Inquiry topic on Inventions.

There was boxes, cardboard, tubes, plastic, bottles, bottle tops and all sorts of other recycled materials available to the children.

We had wonderful team work, sharing of resources, creativity and construction skills to make some interesting and amazing inventions.

These included:

*  Something to reach the phone for you so you dont have to leave your chair.
*  Something that will give you endless popcorn and food at the movies without leaving your chair!
*  A flying car
*  Robots

Elephants Reading Group Play

Six members of the Elephants reading group performed their play to Room 8.  They did an amazing job and got really positive feedback from their classmates which included:

Good expression in their voices.
It was funny!
Great costumes.
We liked the way they moved around.

Well done to Zac, Daniel, Ben, Tyson, Ruby T and Erika for their wonderful performances.  They are going to perform their play again to some Year 2 students in Rooms 6 and 7 this week.

Air Force Museum

The Lower Middle School children really enjoyed our visit to the Air Force Museum on Tuesday 12th June.

We spent an hour in the classroom with Chris, learning about the history of flight, how a plane works and got to make and take home, our own small plane.

We then got to explore behind the scenes at the museum including the workshop where an old Catalina is being restored and going inside then jumping out of another plane.

In our groups, we then got to explore the museum, completing a treasure hunt.

It was a fantastic day and many thanks to the wonderful parent helpers who assisted us on the trip.

SPCA visit

We were lucky to be included in a teaching session by the Christchurch SPCA and got to meet Myrtle and two of her friends.  We learnt about caring for animals, what they need for a comfortable life and we also learnt about what services the SPCA provides.  The children really enjoyed patting Myrtle and the two guinea pigs.

Creative Kids teacher others

On Friday, 6 Room 8 children each taught a small group of their classmates how to make something.  They became the teachers and had to organise what equipment they needed.

Erika, Ruby T, Daniel, Stirling and  Brooklyn did a wonderful job teaching the Room 8 children how to make some amazing creations.  We had picture frames, spinning wheels, chatter boxes and other interesting paper creations.

The 'Creative Kids' did a fantastic job teaching their friends and we hope to do this again once a month.  Well done Room 8.